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"If the earth was a single state, its capital will be Istanbul" said the great Napoleon Bonaparte. Well, the French Emperor had a point. When you gaze upon the city you understand why it was once a capital of 3 empires. 

Its surrounded by the black sea to the north, the sea of Marmara to the south and cut into half by the Bosporus, making it the only city in the world that lays on 2 continents. 

Well, in real estate terms it means no shortage of sea view.

Check our Istanbul's affordable and modern luxury sea front projects.

Modern Apartments

In The Heart of New Bosphorus


A living space created with inspiration from nature, where you can relax, read books, exercise and enjoy amazing views of the lake. 


 the European Side’s modern featured area  consists of a low-rise architecture, with 8 acres of gardens, ponds, waterways, bicycle paths, scented fields, which will be the green belt of the region.


Health Center, the third Airport, Istanbul Canal, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Mahmutbey-Ispartakule - Bahçeşehir metro line, makes it all a large community with one of a kind  infrastructure . 

- close to New Istanbul Bosphorus

- Green areas from 3 sides of the projects

- integrated facilities

- Educational and social centers

- Lake and valley views

- Sauna, gym, steam room

- open and covered parking

- café, restaurants and shops

- convertible swimming pool

The project also provides a multi-purpose sports field: skating rink, mini-soccer field, outdoor table tennis, a basketball court with 3 rims, climbing wall, volleyball court, hiking and biking trails and more.



There will be a total of 64 various types of unit designs,  such as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 as well as 10 commercial areas to provide comfort in daily needs and tasks.