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From Desert to Skyscrapers in 50 years

Welcome to Dubai - a home to the tallest, largest and the iconic projects. An inspiration to life and lifestyles.

An investment destination that is unparalleled to anywhere in the world.


Known for luxury shopping, ultra modern architecture and sandy beaches. Dubai was turned from desert to world's most futuristic cities in less than 50 years. 


1. CENTER OF ALL THE ACTION. Dubai is strategically located between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

2. DUBAI OFFERS AN AMAZING LIFESTYLE. Cosmopolitan cultire combined with unique entertainment hotspots, luxurious hotels and green beaches present lifestyle opportunities for over 200 nationalities who reside in Dubai. 

3. A THRIVING TOURISM INDUSTRY. Dubai government allows property investors to rent their properties for short term period to tourists and encourage facilities like AIRBNB. More than 14 mil visitors arrive to Dubai every year, who are looking for hotel apartments, villas, townhouses, 

4. ONE OF THE SAFEST CITIES IN THE WORLD. The government of Dubai investing in cutting edge security solutions, keeping the crime rate one of the slowest in the world. The political system is stable and always forward looking in its vision and objectives.

5. ITS A WELL REGULATED REAL ESTATE MARKET. Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), under the umbrella of Dubai Lands Department insures that each developer well monitored and projects are registered.

Great designs, amazing quality.

6. ANYONE CAN BUY PROPERTY IN DUBAI. Anyone of any nationality is allowed to buy and sell properties. Dubai real estate market transacts large volume of properties on freehold. 

7. SOMETHING FOR EVERY BUDGET. Affordable, mid range, luxury and ultra luxury - townhouses, villas, apartments, beach house of a private island. You will find everything you want in Dubai.


8. THE WORLD'S BEST RENTAL YEALDS. Dubai rental returns offers minimum of 5-6% and go as high as 10-11%

9. ITS TAX FREE. Dubai has no taxes. Weather its rental return or a capital gain.